Shiprock Habitat Mitigation Project


Location: Shiprock, NM
Year: 2018

Project Summary:
The San Juan River Dineh Water Users, Inc., a non-profit water user’s association, entered into a cooperative agreement with the United States Bureau of Reclamation to convert over 182,000 ft of earthen ditches into underground pressurized pipelines. This project known as the Shiprock Lateral Conversion Project is required to completed a habitat mitigation project that provides habitat for species that benefited from having open ditches. The habitat mitigation project constructs a new 1,200 ft channel that reconnects a historic secondary channel of the San Juan River to the main channel. Once connected, river flow will be restored to 5,000 ft of secondary channel creating low-velocity habitat preferred by endangered fish in the San Juan River. The project also collaborated with Shiprock Chapter to provide features that can be incorporated into a future.

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Service Provided

  1. Permitting.
  2. Construction stacking.
  3. Bridge design.
  4. Construction management.

Project Local:

San Juan River Dineh Water Users, Inc.

Total Project Cost: 


Funding Source: 

United States Bureau of Reclamation Shiprock Lateral Conversion Project.

KB-Walkoma Role: 

Construction Supervision

Shiprock Chapter

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