Technical Support for Community implemented projects

San Juan River Navajo Irrigation Projects Lateral Conversion Project

Location: Shiprock, NM

Year: 2017-2019

Project Summary:
The San Juan River Dineh Water Users, Inc. (SJRDWU) is converting fifteen secondary earthen irrigation laterals (totaling 182,917 ft) into underground pressurized pipeline.

This will improve water quality in the San Juan River.

The SJRDWU will complete the project using their own equipment and hiring and training members of their community to perform construction labor tasks. 
By using local resources the association is able to save significant costs over hiring an external construction contractor. Cost savings allow the association to convert more ditches into pipeline.

By hiring local people to perform the works, the project is able to stimulate local household income and provide technical training to its employees. 

Hiring local people will make the Irrigation System more sustainable and will strengthen the administrative and tecnical capacity of the Water User Association.

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Service Provided

KB-Walkoma LLC, acting as District Engineer of the Project, assisted the client in preparing the  funding applications and technical salinity reduction calculations required to apply for the project. 

The calculations demonstrated that significant environmental improvement would result from the project by reducing the salt load in the San Juan river.

KB-Walkoma LLC provides the client with technical and administrative support required to implement the project including: 

  • detailed design services
  • Authorization by a licensed engineer
  • construction documentation
  • construction supervision
  • application for construction permits and authorizations 
  • Establishing construction schedules
  • Support to fulfill HR and Administrative requirements of hiring a crew 
  • Safety training of employees


San Juan River 
Dine Water Users Inc.

Total Project Cost:


Funding Source:

Bureau of Reclamation, Salinity Control Program; Navajo Nation

KB-Walkoma Role: 

District Engineer
Project management Support

San Juan River
Dine Water Users Inc.