Nurturing Happy and Healthy Families

Support for an Arizona Water User Association to Reestablish agriculture production

Location: Wheatfields, Arizona, USA
Year:  2017-2021

Project Summary:
The Tsaile-Wheatfields-Blackrock Dineh Water User Association, an  alliance of farm permit holders in three rural Navajo communities, are attempting to restore agriculture production to 1,600 acres of land use permits farmed by approximately 100 families.  By restoring agriculture production, the WUA believes it can reestablish local food markets allowing people to purchase food grown in their local community. 

The Project named "Nurturing Happy Healthy Families" is designed to revitalize agriculture lands and restore community farming and local food production.

This is accomplished by:

  • Leveraging WUA funding to receive grants to further rehabilitate on-farm  irrigation systems
  • Provide training for farmers on producing and marketing agricultural products
  • Provide subsidies (pay for inputs) to farmers as they begin farming
  • Identify and develop markets for locally produced agriculture products

The project
provides the strategy, recommendations, training, infrastructure, and initial inputs for producing
forage crops, vegetables, and native crops

Service Provided

  1. Prepare irrigation and farm planning maps for each system
    1. farm permit boundaries
    2. irrigation system layout
    3. Roads
    4. Soil types
    5. Other infrastructure
  2. Soil testing for irrigation
    1. collect and analyze general soil nutrient parameters to assist in crop selection.
    2. Perform infiltration testing which will be used to provide water application recommendations
  3. Make water balance calculations  using planned crop mixes, historical water data, and new data sets from the water source.
  4. Provide crop recommendations based on maps, soil, and water availability. This recommendation will include general guidelines for producing these crops including irrigation, fertilizer, cultivation, and harvesting.


Dineh Water User Association

Total Project Cost: 


Funding Source: 

Navajo Nation Trust

KB-Walkoma Role:

Provide professional technical support in the areas of Water Resource Engineering and Agriculture Economics.

Implementing Partner: 

The Agriculture Enterprise established by  Tsaile, Wheatfields, and Black Rock Dineh Water Users Association