Detailed Design of irrigation pipeline


Location: Shiprock, NM
Year:  2017-2018

Project Summary:
Gadii'ahi chapter is a Farming Community, over XX farmers grow an abundance of melon, Indian (Blue, White, Yellow) corn and a variety of vegetables, along with grain and hay.  Over the past decade the Chapter has been making capital investments to slowly convert their earthen irrigation canal into a pressurized pipeline allowing for more efficient distribution of irrigation water to their fields thus increasing agriculture production and revenue.

Converting to a closed pipeline is also good for the environment and reduces water loss from evaporation and reduces salinity in the remaining water. 

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Service Provided

  1. Presentation of a conceptual design layout drawing of Phase 5 proposed construction, each meeting participant will receive a printed map.
    • Present the technical design criteria for Phase 5
  2. Review of existing data such as the topographical survey, soils, etc.
  3. Soil Sampling of Phase 5 route.
  4. Provision of DRAFT Detail Design drawings and present for review with Shiprock Irrigation, the chapter leadership, and Phase 5 farmers.
  5. Final Review of Detail Design Drawings and approval at a chapter meeting.
  6. Provision of stamped construction drawings and specifications
  7. Provide cost estimate for material and installation.


Gadii’ahi Chapter

Total Project Cost:  


Funding Source: 

State of New Mexico and Gadii’ahi Chapter

KB-Walkoma Role: 

Engineer of Record

Partner: Gadii’ahi Chapter