Farm Planning                                     

Farm Planning

1 Location: Shiprock, NM

2 Location: Crownpoint, NM

Year: 2017

Project Summary:

 Plan demonstration farm and livestock processing center for college extension programs.  Two facilities were planned:
  1. Business Center for Training in Horticulture and Tribal Horticulture located in Shiprock, NM.
  2. Navajo Nation Livestock Research and Extension Center located in Crownpoint, NM.

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Services Provided:

  1. Consultation on defining required infrastructure to support education operations.
  2. Layout of site infrastructure on existing property.
  3. Project cost estimate for budgeting.
  4. Plan for Implementation.

Beneficiaries: Navajo Nation Farmers and Ranchers
Total Project Cost:  $10,300,000
Funding Source: Dine College and Grant applications
KB-Walkoma Role: Conceptual plan for infrastructure required to support the planned  Land Grant College Extension services.  Technical oversight of Dine College crews during installation.

Dine College